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♠ - Name?
≈ - Mun nickname?
♫ - What’s your gender?
╪ - What country are you from?
☮ - How long have you been rp’ing?
♥ - What fandoms are you in?
♡ - Your favourite film, book and television series?
♦ - Relationship status?
♣ - Song…

If I get 12 ‘SING’ s The Mun Shall Record Themselves Singing


Suggest songs to them, and whatever they want to pick, they will sing.

Ask the Mun

  • ✔: A plot you would love to play out with your character
  • ★: A blog you'd love to roleplay with
  • ✖: A plot you would never do/can't do with your character
  • ♔: A character (in general) that you'd like to interact with
  • ☀: Another Mun that you really admire/respect
  • ☣: A pet peeve about roleplaying
  • ☠: Something you dislike about your fandom
  • ➸: Something you like about your fandom
  • ✉: Someone you're afraid to approach/unsure of approaching
  • ☄: A doubt you have about your writing
  • ☮: Something you're confident about with your writing
  • ✿: Three of your favourite followers
  • ❂: Three of your favourite blogs that you follow
  • ❢: Your favourite icon of your muse's FC
  • ♘: Your favourite icon of your Mun FC
  • ☎: A picture of yourself
  • ♫: An argument that you're sick of hearing
  • ♈: An argument/topic that you could debate all day

♢ // *spongebob face* I NEEEEEED ITTTT



Send ♢ for our muses looking after a baby together

It was late and it was the 10th time baby was crying. Being parent was so great but it also could drive you insane. Mito woke up listening the baby crying again. She couldn’t understand what he wanted now! She already gave hm food, changed the diapers, everything! But he still woke up crying.  ”I’m tired of this! I’m tired of listening Sora crying for everything and nothing!” She thought to herself. Raising her voice she screamed in order to make Obito listen. They weren’t in the same room after all. “It’s your turn now Obito!”

Obito made some grumbling noises as she walked forward and lifted the baby into her arms to rub its back in soothing circles while rocking and bouncing slightly.

"C’mon, sweetheart…" She moaned slightly. "Be good for Auntie Obito…Please..?"

Obito glanced over at Mito. “I think he needs to be put down for a nap.”

"Don’t you think I already did it? He always ends waking up wanting one thing more! If he decides to do that all night long neither us neither him can rest!" Mito loved her son a lot. She couldn’t have a better surprise than him, but he was always crying and sometimes all she wanted was a bit of silence and peace with Sora far far away. It sounded bad but it was the truth. "Obito, I don’t know what to do anymore! I feel like a zombie with so many sleepless nights! Sore never shut up when is with me! Never! It looks like he doesn’t like me!"

Munday Ooc Questions

  • 1: Why did you start role playing?
  • 2: What made you choose your muse?
  • 3: Is there anything challenging about writing your muse?
  • 4: Is there anything enjoyable about writing your muse?
  • 5: What has been your favourite thread?
  • 6: Do you have any roleplaying pet peeves?
  • 7: What is your preferred roleplaying style and why? (semi para/para/mirror etc)
  • 8: If you knew your muse in RL would you be friends or enemies?
  • 9: Is there a certain writing style or colloquialisms you have to use for you muse that changes from your own?
  • 10: Have you picked up any of your muses habits
  • 11: [Canon] Is your character major/minor and did this have any influence in your decision to play them?
  • 12: [Canon] Do you feel you stick to canon characteristics of your muse?
  • 13: [Canon] Did you make any changes to your muses timeline/background?
  • 14: [Canon] Was there anything that made this muse difficult to work with ,i.e canon death/canon location?
  • 15: [Canon] Do you play/interact with the canon character differently now that you roleplay them?
  • 16: [OC] What gave you the inspiration for your muse?
  • 17: [OC] What made you choose their faceclaim/appearance?
  • 18: [OC] Was their background decided from the start or developed over time?
  • 19: [OC] Does your character have any canon routes or is their background self created?
  • 20: [OC] How did you choose their name?

Let’s Cut to the Chase. I wanna RP. Let’s Do It:

Let’s cut to the chase. I wanna RP. You wanna RP. Let’s do it. Don’t be shy. Send in one or more of the following symbols to my ask:

☮ - For me to post a starter.

☼ - If you’d like our characters to be friends.

✿ - If you want to try a romantic relationship with my character.

❅ - If you’d like our characters to be enemies or rivals.

♥ - If you just want to RP, and see where it goes.